Last Update: 2006 Jun 13 20:39 EDT
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SP2004 was tested on Windows 2000 SP4. SP2004 was compiled with VC6 SP5 with the Processor Pack. SP2004 should work on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

SP2004.EXE v0.40 CAB - 2006 Apr 05 [Win32 .EXE - 3.68MB, CAB - 238KB]

I expect that there may be many changes or requests for changes. The source code for the SP2004 user interface will be released once the codebase has stabilized. Please send email to be notified of the source code release.

Latest Beta

For dual-core/Hyperthreaded CPUs, please try this beta SP2004 Orthos Edition