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Stress Prime 2004 is a better, I hope, GUI interface to Prime95's Torture Test. Thanks go to the Prime95 people for providing the Prime95 source code (version 24.14).



Latest Beta

For dual-core/Hyperthreaded CPUs, please try this beta SP2004 Orthos Edition



I assembled a computer recently and ran a few apps to test the stability of the new system. One of the stress apps recommended by various overclocking guides and forums is Prime 95. Prime95 features a torture test to stress the CPU and RAM.

My typical usage of Prime95 was:

Prime95 seemed to do a good job of stress-testing the CPU and RAM, however Prime95's feedback during the stress test was lacking.

I encountered the following problems with Prime95:


I could have modified the logged text in Prime95 to improve the first two problems within the Prime95 codebase. But if I could go beyond a text-only solution, I could have greater improvements.

So I created a WTL dialog app named SP2004.exe which fixes the above problems.

SP2004 uses a redesigned user interface that calls Version 23 Prime95's torture test code. This should provide the same results as Prime95, just displayed in a different manner.

SP2004 provides: